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The Shinra Electric Power Company is the largest faction in the world of Gaia. It is primarily a power company that supplies Mako energy to the world and making electricity efficient and easily accessable.

The StoryEdit

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At the top of the Shinra Hierarchy is the President. He is the one that makes all of the decisions and approves projects which have been presented to him by the heads of departments. Below him, is the vice president, who assists the president and advises him in making decisions.

There are 4 main departments you should make yourself aware of.

Weapons Development Department

This is the department that is responsible, like the name suggests, for creating weapons.

Science Department

The Science department is the main manufactuor of Materia for the company's army. Secretly, it conducts experients such as the Jenova Project. This project was first set up by Professor Gast who past away not so long ago, and now, the future of this experiment will be in the hands of the new President.

Urban Development Department

This department is responsible for creating and shaping what the City of Midgar looks like. They were the ones who designed it initally and are now involved in the day-to-day affairs of the City.

Public Safety Maintainence Department

This is in charge of all of Shinra's miltary and police forces. Being charged with the responsibility over all of Shinra's armed forces, this department consists of a few different sub-branches: 

The Investigative Division Of General Affairs

Officially speaking, the main purpose of the Turks is to seek out potential SOLDIER recruits, but in reality, they are highly skilled agents used for intelligence gathering, providing additional security and protecting the companies secrets no matter the costs. Membership to the Turks is exclusive and there are only a handful of members at a time.


This department deals with Shinra's elite branch of warriors, SOLDIER and its battle strategies. SOLDIER members are infused with Mako, causing there eyes to glow. There are three classes, that are decided on skill.